The long forgotten and presumed dead. They used to dwell in the Etbur mountains and have no name and no soul to speak of.  Vanquished, they cannot be traced by beast or man. They can be found in abandoned, ruined places. Contact is usually made through a Drone Elf who acts as an ambassador.

Personality: The Traceless are cunning. They will give you anything you desire in return for your soul.  They will trade an item with you if is unique enough. They will not take loot.

God/Religion: None

Description: They have long faces. Their eyes are covered by a rectangular criss-cross sheet of metal. They have long hair and their upper lip is turned down as if in a frown. They have a marking on one cheek: four vertical arrows pointing in different directions.

Faction: Furnace

Crafts: Potion Making, Water purification/cleansing

 Available to the following classes:

  • Archon – of the Mind,  Can also move objects
  • Sentinel – enforcers of law and order
  • Mage
  • Enchanter
  • Healer

Racial Abilities

Invisibility: Can fade in and fade out of visibility.

Hindsight: Possess the gift of past-telling – useful if you wish to retrace your steps.

Inhabit: They can temporarily immobilise their enemies by inhabiting their bodies.

Unification: can merge into one being

Telepathy: sharing one another’s thoughts


  • Storm Potion
  • Enchanted Blanket