The Quest of Narrigh

Map of narrigh

Eight hundred years ago, in the Age of Peace, Narrigh, once collectively known as the Goldlands had eight regions: Narrul, Hizsen, Garnorm, Theris,  Baruch, Crinol, Shile and Olvastan.

To the North, lay Garnorm and Hizsen. Garnorm was inhabited by a race of humans known as the Gamnod, who were gifted in the crafts of counselling, sculpting and tailoring.

The Darque Goblins dwelled in Hizsen and were renowned for their camouflage and enchanting skills.

map of narrigh

The Isles of Crinol were surrounded by the blue waters of the Hizsen Sea. Here the Drone Elves dwelled. They were exceptional potion-makers and flame-wielders.

In the Etbur mountains of Crinol, dwelled the Traceless who had no name and no soul to speak of.

To the west, lay Narrul, home to the dwarves, who were famed for their mining and iron-forging skills.

To the South lay Olvastan, where there dwelled humans, who believed in one God as opposed to the Gamnod who believed in many. The people of Olvastan were great farmers and tradesmen.

Farther South, in the Shile region, there lived the gypsy clans, known for their herbal remedies and hunting skills.

To the East, lay the Kingdom of Baruch, bathed in gold and home to King Kalgar and Queen Irentha. The King and Queen ruled Narrigh with an iron hand to maintain its prosperity and tranquillity. Their Score Army was both revered and feared.

Not far from the Kingdom of Baruch was Theris, home to the Theria Elves, who worked tirelessly to weave beautiful cloth and textiles for all of Narrigh. They were also renowned for their enchantments.

One day, evil descended on the lands of Narrigh. It came in the form of a heat wave. It started with a flush of red in the sky, which rapidly simmered to a burnt orange and then a sun-soaked yellow. It descended on the land like some great floodlight, burning fire-bright and smothering the lands with a haze of shimmering heat.

A heat that was unbearable. It sent races and beasts alike scuttling to their homes, seeking shade where they could find it.

Two months later, a strong breeze swept across Narrigh. It cooled the land with its charm-less icy breath. Rain followed, marking an end to the drought, bringing the inhabitants of Narrigh back out into the open.

A great rainbow formed in the sky. The people of Olvastan marvelled at its beauty, saying that it was a gift from God to announce the beginnings of a bountiful harvest to come. The Theria Elves believed it was a gift from the Elfin Spirit, King Garlor, for their crafts. The Gamnod race thought the rainbow had been created by the Old One, whom they called Uom, to show them the way to a new world. The dwarves believed the rainbow was wondrous and that if they bathed in its arc they would find mountains of gold and other riches. The Darque Goblins, however, feared the rainbow was an omen, marking the end of peace in their time.

And the Darque Goblins were right.

The rainbow stood in the sky for four days. On the fifth day, it faded as a smile fades on the lips, spitting fire and rock. It carved a great crater in the north. It poisoned the Garn Ocean and the Hizsen Sea. Many died. All lost their homes.

The surviving Gamnod people and the Darque Goblins appealed to the King and Queen of Baruch to give them aid, to let them seek sanctuary within the Kingdom.

King Kalgar and Queen Irentha believed that because the Poison Rainbow had wreaked so much damage over Garnorm and Hizsen, the Gamnod people and the Darque Goblins must have done something terrible to anger their Gods. They also deemed that their customs and religions had no place in the other regions of Narrigh. Hence, the King and Queen granted them little aid and refused them entry to the southern, eastern and western regions. They also had their Score Army erect a barrier named, Shile Point to prevent their passage. A gate to the north, it sat on the edge of the Dead Forest.

The Darque Goblins and the Gamnod were hurt and angry that the King and Queen had abandoned them. Evil rose in their minds and consumed them. They sought an alliance with the Traceless and the Drone Elves to help them gain vengeance over the Baruchians.

And so the Age of War came.

From this war sprung two factions: the Furnace and the Storm.

The Furnace Faction of the North formed the Blade Army. The Blade Army invaded the Kingdom of Baruch and thus a great battle ensued between the Furnace Faction and the Score Army. The Score Army were outnumbered. The kingdom was defeated and the King and the Queen put to death. The Furnace held the kingdom for three years until the Storm Faction formed of Garnorm humans, Theria Elves and dwarves, drove the Furnace’s Blade Army back north and restored the kingdom back to the Baruchians.

Hizsen became known as the Great Northern Crater and the races of the North became fewer and scattered.

After the Age of Wars, comes the Age of Trepidation.

The Shardner government seeks to protect the races of four regions: Theris, Olvastan, Baruch and Narrul, who remain forever wary of the north. They believe its lands are cursed. The threat of another northern invasion hangs over them. The fear of another Poison Rainbow weighs heavy on their minds.”

Level Cap: 65

THE FURNACE consists of a Blade Army made up of Darque Goblins, Gamnod Humans and Drone Elves.

THE STORM consists of a Score Army made up of Theria Elves, Olvastan Humans and Dwarves of the West.