Darque Goblins

The Darque Goblins can be mischievous. They work hard to amass wealth.

Description: Bat like ears. Short and skinny. Clawed hands and feet. They are pale and fleshy. Sharp pointed teeth. Small beady eyes. Tuft of black hair on their head.

Faction: Furnace

Crafts: Camouflage and enchantments.

Available to the following classes:

  • Hunter
  • Healer
  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Rogue

Racial Abilities

Camouflage: They can change their skin colour much like a chameleon to match any environment.

Smasher: They can smash through stone and wood with their bare hands.  They cannot crash through craybine.

Summoning:  They can call on other Darque goblins to summon them and can be summoned. Which increases as the level goes up.








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